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Reliable, dependable, accurate

Rest comfortably with Clarity. The last thing you should ever have to worry about is whether your interpreter will further complicate what is already a complicated business. We get that, absolutely.

With headquarters offices in the metropolitan Los Angeles area, Clarity naturally supports the world’s languages. While we specialize in exotic Pacific Rim languages, such as Vietnamese, Spanish language cases still provide the majority of our work.

Recently, when two of the largest foreign-language newspapers of their type in the world battled in court over the meaning of published words, our first choice interpreter was requested to do the translation of documents and interpreting of trial testimony. Such interpreters have traveled the world with government investigators because their expertise is so highly valued.

Legal and Medical

We are well-aware of the profound difference one word can make. Our court-certified interpreters place the same emphasis on precision in all cases – whether the issue is liberty in a criminal matter, an injured worker in a compensation matter, money in a business transaction, or child custody in a family matter.

Our interpreters assist attorneys and their clients with written discovery, depositions, declarations and trial. In transactional matters, we will work with you to create or translate documents in any language – from client correspondence to contracts to trusts.

In California, injured workers have a statutory right to diagnosis and treatment with the assistance of a qualified medical interpreter, if necessary. Because our commitment to professionalism and integrity is widely recognized in the legal community, we work with applicant and defense firms equally.

Most of Clarity’s interpreters and translators are certified or registered with organizations such as the Judicial Council of California, the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Federal Court System, the United Nations, and/or the American Translators Association.

Business communications

Our experience is that, at times, even bilingual business associates are more comfortable conceptualizing and speaking in their first language. Call us. Clarity will provide an expert interpreter to help you bridge language and culture gaps. We can come to your office, join a teleconference from our own, or travel if you require it. Because our professionals do simultaneous interpreting, your ability to communicate spontaneously and naturally will be all the more creative and productive. You’ll be amazed how easy it can be – with professional help.

In the context of international business dealings, communications are often industry-specific and culture-conscious. The subject matter may be advertising, which requires not only correct translation but also cultural awareness so you can convey the intended meaning and get the intended effect on your target audience.

International affairs

When called for, and particularly for sensitive international government affairs, we may engage two interpreters to maximize the degree of confidence that difficult passages in critical contexts are correctly interpreted.


Contracts – Depositions, discovery and legal documents – Business, banking and financial statements – Marketing, advertising, and public relations materials – Technical manuals and patent applications – Scientific and technical articles – Medical, clinical research, and healthcare documents – Immigration documents – University transcripts and certificates – Personal correspondence