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Litigation is a legal competition in a judicial forum. Carried to its end, litigation results in a winner and a loser. Some have said that litigation is present-day civilization’s answer to dueling. Most anyone who has been through litigation will say that it is a long, rough and stressful process that takes tolls far beyond the expense. But more than the expense, litigation incorporates risk and uncertainty because litigation vests significant power over the process and outcome into the hands of other people: the judge and jury. Sometimes litigation is necessary. Sometimes not.

Even though litigation is very common, the simple truth is that far more cases are settled out of court than within the courtrooms. Far more cases come to an end through negotiated settlements and mediation than from a jury’s verdict.

Clarity provides litigation support services to those who must litigate. But Clarity also provides the services of impartial and unbiased mediators for those who prefer to exert more control over the resolution process and outcome. And that’s where Clarity shines again – in providing alternatives to litigation.


In mediation, a skilled and impartial person assists parties to negotiate and, where possible, reach agreement. Participation by the parties is voluntary, and agreements are the product of their understanding, work and compromise. Good mediators listen. They help the parties to clarify issues and facts. And they help to facilitate understanding and solution. Decisions concerning the issues and solutions, on the other hand, are ultimately in the hands of the parties. Mediators do not judge, and they do not decide. Mediators help the parties reach solutions, themselves. Virtually any disagreement may lend itself to assisted resolution through the mediation process.

Our mediators are experienced in matters involving injuries, labor situations, construction, family law matters and contract and business disputes. Give us a call and we will help you get started.


Sometimes the goal is to mend a relationship that people would like to continue following resolution of a disagreement. We can help.


More and more contracts contain arbitration clauses, but the actual process of arbitration can be daunting for all but the most experienced. Contact us and we will help set the process in motion.


Rates for mediation and arbitration depend on the nature and complexity of the issues, the time required, and the value of the mediator’s expertise in the given subject matter. Typically, charges accrue by the hour, half day, full day or multiple days. Fees are by agreement and depend on the neutral selected by the parties. Facility fees, if any, depend upon choices made by the parties.