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Litigation Support with a Commitment to Excellence


We believe that our people, ultimately, produce our excellent results. Technology is fascinating, but high-tech is not enough. People schedule. People transcribe and interpret. People anticipate. People discern nuance. And people create solutions. Clarity’s people perform with exceptional skill because they have the education, training, experience and motivation to make it all possible, and because they have the support of an experienced and well-trained management team that leads by example.

Clarity’s clients get exceptional value precisely because we excel in the fundamentals. We work hard to know our clients, meet their needs, and keep their business. Every client is important. Every case is important.

Clarity’s Court Reporters excel in the fundamentals and shine when challenged

Clarity focuses on the fundamentals. Over 90% of all depositions are straight-forward proceedings where attorneys attempt to establish the record quickly and economically. We excel in the fundamentals that every law firm seeks: quickly and pleasantly making a careful record of the proceeding and giving a quick turn-around for our clients. And because we focus on the fundamentals, Clarity provides the transcripts you need at a cost that makes sense.

Clarity’s Interpreters bridge language barriers with ease

There are no substitutes for the fundamental assets of experience, intellect and precision when it comes to communications in other languages involving matters of significance. Once again, Clarity excels in the fundamentals. We have gathered a select team of interpreters and translators who are masters of language and culture. Our medical interpreters are skilled in the language of medicine and injury. Clarity’s court-certified interpreters are skilled in the languages of law and business, as well.

Servicing the needs of the multi-lingual world in both litigation and business, our interpreters routinely participate in conferences, discovery, hearings and trials. But even more, we can arrange to take incoming foreign language calls, set up three-way teleconferences with simultaneous live translation, schedule client appointments with doctors, attorneys and businesses, and assist law firms and commercial enterprises with meetings in their offices, in our offices, by phone, and via the web.

Clarity ADR – alternative dispute resolution that makes sense

Over 95% of all lawsuits settle without full trial on the merits. Stated otherwise, almost all cases resolve through negotiated agreement. Clarity offers the services of skilled and experienced mediators to assist those willing to exert more control over the course and outcome of the dispute resolution process. Our mediators are experienced in matters involving personal injuries, labor disagreements, construction defect claims, family law matters, and contract and business disputes.